Links of Particular me.

Aw Yeah: Sonic Indie Funk the way your Mamma like it. I played drums and did horn arrangements. My favorite band ever (Aw Yeah 1995-2001, r.i.p.).

Dave Rubin's Photography: Dave's a talented photographer who shoots famous and not so famous people. He also is a video editor at Fuse, a cable music station. He is also the great bass player and producer in Low Water.

Low Water: This New York-based American Music band features the great songs of guitarist John Leitera. I played keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, and sang backup on their first album, Hard Words in a Speakeasy, which came out in the Fall of 2004.

Champipple: John Moore is funny, and bitter. Champipple is a drink invented by Fred Sanford.

Mike Titlebaum: Mike is a fabulous sax player, composer, and arranger. He also programs computers.

KORB!: Matt Korb is a San Francisco-based video editor, shooter, producer, and man about town. As "Daddy-Oh," he was the frontman and lyricist for Aw Yeah. Recently, he ran for Governor of California.

University of Rochester Music Department: This is where I teach Music Theory. You can go here to get updates on upcoming concert events, and information about faculty and course offerings. You can even download a sheet of blank staff paper!

Jason Cheung: Jason was one of the guitarists for Aw Yeah while we were out in San Francisco. He's also a video editor for G4/TechTV. There are some great video clips of Aw Yeah here and here (with apologies to U2).

Friday Night Improvs: If you're in Pittsburgh, and you need some improvisational comedy, and it's Friday, and it's kind of late, and you have two dollars, you should go to FNI. If you do, say hi to Louis for me, 'cause the man don't answer emails.